Nathan’s Famous Australia

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Nathan's Famous Franchise Concepts

  • Full menu restaurant concept – this is a larger site requiring around 100sqm, providing table and chairs, serving and back of house areas.
  • Kiosk concept – this concept is typically located in shopping centres requiring around 20sqm plus 15sqm of off site storage. The Kiosk is a unique concept that can be adapted to suit a variety of locations and formats. It is essentially a three person operation that is user friendly and extremely productive
  • Trailer/Cart –  the cart/trailer option is a perfect entry level concept. These fully self- contained units can be utilised in a permanent fixed position or in temporary locations to services large crowds with our high quality products. They are easily transportable and suit a wide variety of events and functions.



Kiosk (70sqm)

Kiosk (70sqm)

Full Menu Store

Full Menu Store (Dining Room)